Alexa Ring skill updated

Amazon Echo Show owners can now fully answer Ring doorbells and talk to guests.


What does this mean?

“The new functionality works on other Ring security cameras too, so you can use your Echo Show, Spot or Amazon Fire Tablet in Show Mode as a security hub.” - what is “Show Mode”?

The Echo Show, has its own format. Kinda limited in functionality as apposed to the Fire Tablet. However, the Fire Tablet can go into the “Show Mode” and basically look and function just like the Echo Show. The Fire Tablets can flip between “Tablet Mode” and “Show Mode”.


Thx. What threw me off, was how do you use an Echo Show as a “security hub” using the “show mode”. I thought that there is a hidden feature I wasn’t aware of, but I think the author is just confused…

Yeah, I can see how that terminology could be confusing. Thinking the author might have meant a “central device” for security purposes. You have full functionality now just like a security monitoring intercom.

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