Alexa recognizes Devices in Scene. Help!

I have 3 harmony hubs that are recognized by SmartThings, my problem is when I link Smartthings to Alexa all of my harmony activities are going into the “Scene” portion of Alexa which when I tell Alexa to turn on TV she says she does not recognize that in Devices
or Groups.

How do I get my harmony activities to be recognized as Devices or Group in the Alexa app?


That’s where Harmony activities go. I suspect it’s not about where they are, but what they’re called. With three hubs you will have to have UNIQUE names for each activity.

In my Living Room, on my LR hub, I have:
House Audio

In my Master Bedroom on my MB hub, I have:
Master Bedroom TV
Master Bedroom XBox

Now if I say ‘Turn on the TV’ the TV activity in the Living room starts. If I say Turn on the Master Bedroom TV, the Master Bedroom TV activity starts. because they are both on two separate hubs, they can run concurrently. If I then say “Alexa, turn on the FireTV” My Living room system switches to setup Amazon FireTV.

If they aren’t unique - Alexa gets confused and thus, does nothing.