Alexa Plus

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Amazon is far too busy building unnecessary nonsense into Alexa, while completely neglecting the stuff that matters. For example, I will never ever enable purchasing via Alexa until they clearly establish voice recognition. I’m not lonely, I don’t need this thing to have conversations with me. I just need it to do what I ask.

Oh, and make it able to react to more sounds. There’s a bird ID app that can hear dozens of birds, some dozens of meters away, on your phone’s crappy mic and identify them accurately. Alexa should be able to hear a buzzer and act on it, as well as identify your voice for purchases.

Why is that so difficult for them to comprehend?


Spot on, @Glen_King !

The incessant “do you also want ?” suggestions rank right up there. If I want today’s weather, that’s what I want–not for her to ask if I also want the weather for the next seven days. If I want that, I will ask…


I think Amazon would be much more successful selling an Alexa subscription to get rid of the ads and “by the ways” than they would a “smarter” Alexa that you can converse with. I’d throw $2/month to get rid of the annoyances.

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“ Successful” means different things for a publicly held company like Amazon. They always need to keep one eye on the stock market, which means they need to be Buzzy, and they need to have a business plan which looks “sustainable“ at a quick glance. So while choice is good, and unquestionably Many people would like Alexa to say less, that’s not going to bump the stock. An AI assistant on a paid subscription probably will. Just sayin’ … :wink:


Not necessarily @JDRoberts in a respectful way. Amazon was the only Company for long period of time that didnt make money but was rewarded by wall street with consistent stock growth/value.

It wasn’t the only one, but definitely, yes, Amazon didn’t feel any need to make a profit for a long time because it had huge growth and, again, was Buzzy. But now it has some competition for online retail, and it needs to keep its story fresh. :sunglasses:

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Amazon (AMZN) had a profit of $8.4 billion (yes, with a b) over the last three months of 2023, doing things the way that they do them.