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Alexa open my garage


Looks good so far, but doesn’t the trigger “Open/Close” seem like a better option for this issue I’m having? I’m not at home to test, but I’ve set up the Smart Lighting automation as you suggested. Anything needed to do with the Amazon Echo SmartApp after setting this up?


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My two cents… Fwiw…

If you can get the gd00z unit n

Using Alexa, mine works like this…

Door closed and I say open door, it opens.
Door open and I say close door, it closes.

Door closed and I say close door, it does nothing.
Door open and I say open door, it does nothing.

Door opened via Alexa and I close it via wall button or remote and I say close door, it does nothing, and vice versa.

Alexa sees the state of my door and operates accordingly. This is done via the device handler code, not via Alexa.

I have had no problems and it works great almost always.

The only problem I ever have is Alexa thinks I want to know what a garage door is, vice operating the door.

I don’t know if that’s an option, but if it is the unit cost about 90 bucks.


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Awesome, I snagged a gd00z from Staples for $50 thanks to the deal the JDRoberts posted.

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Home and it isn’t working as advertised - I can’t get it to close still when opened using the “close garage door” command. Alexa says “okay” and does nothing, as others have said too.

Starting to wish I didn’t buy the Chamberlain CIGBU MYQ system and went with the Linear even though I have a MyQ enabled opener based on the results others have had with the Z-Wave, but I’m also hopeful that ONE day Chamberlain will work with IFTTT, at least… On the Chamberlain forums, it isn’t looking very good, but with that many people complaining, something is bound to happen


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I’m trying to get my myQ garage openers to work with SmartThings. I followed the instructions above to create a “switch” and now have that created. But how do I associate it with my physical garage opener? Any basic instructions would be greatly appreciated!


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This is a pretty old thread and a lot has changed. I just got my confirmation that my Echo was delivered today so i’ll be playing with it the next few days. I could be wrong, but I don’t think you need a virtual switch any more. Try here:


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Would you be able to point me to where you learned how to not need to say, “turn on” or “turn off” for something like the garage door? And can this be applied to other commands? Like right now i have to say “Turn off Goodnight” for one of my evening shutdowns.




Search the forums for Ask Alexa. This is a great go between for ST and Echo.



I created my own virtual switch

Get Outlook for Android


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Now that Amazon allows Echo users to create routines, you can use natural language “open/close the garage door.” It’s a small thing, but man it’s better than having to say the derpy sounding “turn on/off the garage door.”



Mine still saying which… 1 theres many devices that use this name… please help



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Do you have multiple devices named “Garage” in your Alexa device list?



Yes… 2… but I didn’t make em…


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I would suggest tapping each of those instances and see where they were added from. You should only have one added from SmartThings.



Strange when I go to it does not show “routines” only Smart Home but if I go to my Alexa app on android it does show routines.
So I created a simple routine in SmartThings to close my garage doors but the Alexa website under Smart Home show this error
Close Garage Doors SmartThings Routine - Disabled because it contains device(s) unsupported by Alexa

In the Alexa android app devices it does not show my garage doors at all but it does show the SmartThings automation Close Garage Doors I created and lets me add it but will not allow me to run the Alexa routine. saying garage doors are not supported by Alexa.

I am able to use “ask Alexa” to open or close my garage doors but I am not home to make sure that still works I haven’t used it in awhile


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If you use the @rboy universal garage door opener device handler, it will work with Alexa and not be restricted. There may be similar device handlers available. I think you could also set up a virtual switch to trick Alexa.

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thanks I do have rboy’s “02.05.01” Z-Wave Garage Door Opener base code as of 2015-9-19 device handler installed I don’t see a universal garage door DH
Perhaps the garage doors are not using the device handler though not sure how to tell.
I did install rboy’s device handler after I had already installed my garage door contollers.
They are the Linear GD00Z garage door controllers.
Another thing probably causing problems is I am north of the wall and Amazon Alexa restricts somethings from us. I had to use an apk to just get Alexa on my smart phone.



I’m using gocontrol… it works now/ again with Alexa… its how i type it in her settings to open… thanks all


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If you go into the ST developer api, and find your device under “My Devices”, you can change the “Type”. The @rboy type is labelled “Z-Wave Garage Door Opener with Switch Capability”