Alexa Notification with delay?


On the Alexa app I can create a routine that when a sensor is in the open state that it has Alexa say a notification message.

Is there anything in the ST world that can do the following.

  1. ST Sensor open
  2. If after x minutes sensor is still open
  3. Have Alexa announce something like “Sensor A is open”

Now I do use a ST app that does all of the above apart from have Alexa announce. Right now it sends a push message which is great but I am not always with my phone. Has anyone done anything like this with ifttt or stringify?

Thanks in advance,

Sure. Use a virtual sensor instead of the real sensor for the Alexa Notification. Then have CoRE monitor the real sensor and when it is open for 30 minutes turn on the virtual sensor and that will trigger the Amazon notification. :sunglasses:

The following thread explains how that works (this is a clickable link)

If you aren’t already familiar with WebCore, see the FAQ


Just like @JDRoberts stated, let ST be the brains and just let Alexa be the voice. I use(d) webCoRE to “speak” to tablets running LANouncer that were Bluetoothed to Echos and it worked good enough. Would have to occasionally reset.

Now I am starting to use virtual sensors for anything that is not an instant trigger. Couple more steps but still works great and more reliable than LANouncer.

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