Alexa not a Connected Service in new app, but OK in Classic?

The new app continues to throw challenges at me, and now it’s with Alexa.

I noticed that Alexa is no longer in my Connected Services (it was just a couple days ago). Of course, and as expected, I can see it in the Classic app, and add/remove devices just fine.

The only way I caught it was when removing a device from the Alexa SmartApp. After removing it, I went into to check the status, and noticed it was still active. Typically I’d see it as offline, and then I’d “forget” the device.

On a hunch, I opened the new app, and after only 3 app crashes I was able to get to Connected Services to try removing another device that way with Alexa, but to my surprise, Alexa has disappeared.

I went ahead and started controlling devices via Alexa to test to see what’s up, and that worked just fine until I got to my thermostats (which have been fine until now). All those can do now is respond with “that command doesn’t work on device {whatever}”

Anyone else having this weird crap going on with Alexa?

I did contact support, so I’ll hear back in a couple weeks, but I suspect they’ll want me to rebuild the skill or reset the hub…


in STSC, click on the 3 bars in the upper left of the screen, then choose Automations :slight_smile:

Ok, go it thanks, but shouldn’t there still be a connected service?

You would think there would be since it is a cloud-to-cloud connection. But I also noticed since the last app update - I use to have 9 connected services but now only have 6


Thanks for the reply @jkp. Before I nuke Alexa and rebuild (in case that’s it), I’ll wait to hear from support.

I just installed Alexa before I posted. I had removed it previously. :slight_smile:

Did it show up as a connected service? It’s odd that it just went away.

Also, IFTTT shows up fine as a connected service, but not an Automation. Weird.

not in connected services, only Automations

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They removed it from showing in connected services when the new UI came out, but it works as expected.


That new app desperately needs removing until it is ready for prime time. It is giving everyone nightmares, new users, experienced users, classic just keeps on working

They should have left the connect app as it was for smartthings white goods, left classic as the main app and kept connect v2 in house only, damn thing

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Just following up… since the most recent app update, both google and Alexa have returned to the connected services section in settings.