Alexa monitor device status?

I’m really not sure how to classify this but have been thinking about this. I was looking to see if it would be possible to have Alexa somehow monitor device status in SmartThings. My idea is to have Alexa say that something has happened weather it be a door was locked or unlocked at a certain time, a light turned on or off, thermostat temped reached a certain temperature, garage door is open. And based on what has happened to the desired device I would like Alexa ask me a question and wait for yes or no answer. Example would be time is passed 8:00pm the front door it unlocked instead of it auto locking I would like Alexa to say something like I see the front door is unlocked would you like me to lock it …wait…yes or no answer… if yes the Alexa would lock the door. I’m not sure if something like this is at all possible or if it would include a lot of virtual switches and code. Thanks for any helpful suggestions

It will require some work…

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Thanks I will check this out and maybe get something setup

Take a look at this app, it’s designed for just that. Mirroring the status of devices and speaking it out aloud or with custom notifications