Alexa "Middleman" Issue

I’m trying to use the Alexa middleman technique from this thread to get a Koogeek lightstrip working with Smartthings:

It works fine for turning the lightstrip off, but when I try to turn it on, it just sets the brightness to 100% but doesn’t turn it on. Has anyone else had this problem or are there just some devices it won’t work with?

The first step would be to create an Alexa routine which sets the light the way you want it just from an echo voice trigger. If you can get it to do that, then you can just substitute the virtual sensor for the trigger.

Just tried it, same result it only adjusts the brightness without turning the device on.

Then you’ll need to get it working in the Amazon app before you can do anything with SmartThings. So I’d suggest getting in touch with Amazon support and see what they say.