Alexa keeps making duplicates of light bulbs

My Alexa kept making duplicates of my WiFi lights bulbs.
I was forever deleting the copies every day,if I didn’t the original would not work.
I found if you disable the copies rather than deleting them, no more copies where made

Most likely, Alexa is not making copies of the light bulbs. Instead, Alexa is probably being told about the lightbulb from two different sources, and so Alexa thinks there are two of them. For example, if you have hue lightbulbs connected to a hue bridge and you also have those lightbulbs show up in your smartthings app, then both Hue and smartthings will tell Alexa about the lightbulb. Resulting in two entries for it.

This is why deleting it doesn’t do any good: it keeps showing up again because those two sources keep telling Alexa about it.

So the only thing to do for now is what you did: go into the Alexa app and disable one of them.

This also occurs with rooms etc, which led me to rename my ST rooms a couple years ago. Smartthings automations do not need to know a room as a living room. Nor does Hue really**. But Alexa voice control, which is used also by my wife, sure does need to know that name. So Alexa gets the priority on “natural language” names. **Hue’s integration with scenes and whatnot is more aligned with Alexa, so I use those natural room names there. But Smartthings? I use that for automations, so my rooms there are now Room One, Room Two, Room Three etc so as not to get in the way.

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