Alexa is discovering 2 "Outside" light where there is only one

Hi Everyone, I have recently purchased the Philips Hue bridge with 5 white and color light bulbs for “Living room” and 1 white light bulb for “Outside” of my apartment. I have 3 apps on my iPhone; Philips Hue, Home, and Alexa (along with Light DJ, Ambify, Huemote and Magic Hue). After running the discovery on Hue, I noticed Alexa has discovered two Outside lights. I write them as I reads on the Alexa app Smart Home page on my phone. First one reads “Outside Room Front door connected via Hue” and second one reads “Outside Hue White”. Although I keep deleting one of them, it keeps reappearing after a while and it prevent the Outside light to be properly controlled. When both Outside lights are listed, hue gives the message: “I found more than one device with the name Outside. Please give them a unique names and run discovery again or create a group if you want to run them simultaneously.” How or where should I delete (or forget) one of the Outside lights, so Alexa can respond properly? Thank you

You can do so in the Alexa app - under smart home - you will see a list of devices. You can forget each device individually.

I have already done so in Alexa Smart home, but it keeps coming back after few minutes

I think it’s very simply discovering one direct via the hue bridge and the other as an object via your smartthings hub. Just delete you hue bridge devices from alexa and do not connect alexa directly to hue.


It worked like a charm. Thank you so much. I just put all my living room lights under one group after disabling the bridge, as you recommended, and everything works great now

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Actually better to deauthorize all your Hue devices in alexa app in ST .Then use the direct Alexa/Hue integration.
Why go from Alexa to ST to Hue back to ST . When you can go directly from Alexa to Hue.

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What does ST stands for? Can you tell me how to directly integrate Alexa with Hue?

ST= smartthings
Alexa hue integration= open the app and go to skill and enable the phillips hue skill.
Hope that helps.

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If your Hue lights are showing up twice in Alexa, than you already have them connected. When you open Alexa app or web interface and look at your devices you will see Porch light ( or whatever you named it) listed once as SmartThings dimmable light and then again as a Hue light as device type.
Open your Amazon Echo app in ST ( SmartThings) and turn off " allow Alexa to access all devices and routines " . Then under " please choose from the following , Switches " make sure none of your Hue lights are selected.
Go back to Alexa app/website and delete all your Hue lights that show as SmartThings devices, Leave the ones that are listed as Hue lights.
Run Discovery in Alexa.

Thank you for explaining that

Yes, that helped a lot. Thank you