Alexa is coming to headphones and smartwatches (2018)


Welcome to my smartwatch Alexa!

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Alexa makes my life easier, it’s great that it is now can be connected to headphones as well. Thank you for sharing! You know, I usually find out about such news from forums, because I don’t read newspapers or watch TV. So I like being a part of your community, thank you for accepting me. By the way, I want to buy earbuds, but Airpods are too expensive for me and I can’t afford them, so I searched the Internet for an alternative and found a copy of them. You can see different cheap wireless earbuds in this blog If you can give me advice on this topic I will appreciate it.

That is a good thing that they made it easier to get Alexa on other devices like smartwatches and headphones. But not many devices use Alexa…

You are replying to a post which is three years old. A lot has happened in that time, and in particular, there are now several smart watches that have Alexa built in. The most popular is probably the Fitbit versa 2, but there are others as well.

The Wyze band is also a very cool device for only $30 which is a fitness tracker with Alexa built-in.

With regard to headphones, there are some choices there as well, including Amazon’s own echo buds:

None of these existed the last time this thread had activity, but again that was several years ago.

In the future, I suggest you start with threads which have had activity in the last 12 months or so. Things change very quickly in home automation. Otherwise, it keeps bringing up very old out of date posts for others to read and that can be quite confusing. :wink:

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