Alexa is a spy, CONFIRMED



I’m not sure that’s funny. OK…a little bit. I think we all know, you know?


If the CIA wants to here it through alexa or my 5 phones in the house I really don’t’ care. Its already been leaked they can tap into phones and until the Pixel that keeps encryption keys out of memory they can access and only decrypts what is needed and not the entire phone they can access most phones also once decypted by the user. In a technology world you have little privacy and we can only hope the courts help or lawmakers include this stuff into the self incrimination category. Its crazy that my unlocking my phone by my finger isn’t protected by self incrimination but a password is. Your ISP knows everywhere you go unless you use a VPN and that’s a pain most times and cuts your speed greatly even with the best of the VPM providers. I have 200 down and I average 50-75 while on VPN. Isn’t bad but then it is. Before we all bought this or GH we knew it kept logs of what we said. I am sure its to make it smarter but it can be used for other things. If your that paranoid sell them. Its that old saying privacy vs convenience. For real privacy you need to get off the grid completely. So many things are public info now a days like property records can be looked up online now in most places. Most on this forum should know all of this. Newbies bay be surprised or the not so tech savvy my be clueless but if if the CIA or NSA have nothing else to do then listen to me then we are all inmore trouble then privacy concerns.

Well, I thought that was kinda funny myself.

I’ll change the topic a little - I’ve noticed that Alexa can’t answer many of my questions but I found a way to improve that. You see, Alexa uses Microsoft Bing to do its searches but there is now a way to configure it to use Google instead. And when Alexa can’t answer my question, I tell her to use Google instead.

i.e., If I say, “Alexa, who was the president of the south during the civil war” - Alexa says she doesn’t know. But now with this Alexa modification, if i say, “Alexa, ask Google who was the president of the south during the civil war” - she now responds with the correct answer.

Here’s a video link to configure Alexa to use Google when you say “Alexa, use Google”


that is interesting. And good for people that do not have GH. But google search wont help alexa change my bulbs colors. So for now I for one will stick with both but might incorporate your idea here.

He also might have been meaning it as sarcasm of being funny. But after the supper lan connect exchanges and people mad about that I took it literally which might be my fault.

if privacy is a concern for someone, then living off the grid is the only way! there is no way to secure your digital world from the government! even the dark web is not safe! I’m sure Ross Ulbricht of the defunct silk road would attest to that!

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How right you are!

Apparently even Alexa has 5th Amendment rights. Apparently.


If you want to easily change your bulb colors take a look at using the smart app EchoSistant.

I definitively will. But I have to say GH does it pretty good natively. I have yet said a color it didn’t do. And it can do whole rooms too. Like my patio has two lights I can change then both together. Or the 3 outside lights which I don’t because I have one blue, one green and one I change randomly.

EchoSistant does that using Alexa. There are some things that GH is better at and some for Alexa…

But EchoSistant takes Alexa to a new level…

Got an Alexa device in every room? Now you can control at the room level.

Definitively going to check it out then. I have ask alexa but never got into using it.

That’s a good app. EchoSistant was designed to make the experience more personable with minimal configurations from the user.

All Alexa takes a bit more work and really doesn’t give you that “talking to an assistant” feeling that you get with EchoSistant.

Take a look at the main thread for version 4 and all any questions that you need.

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My echo eco-system does all sorts of things I never asked her (it?) to do and then vehemently denies having ever done so. One time, I woke up and my car was backed into the garage and I NEVER back into the garage. The tip off came when I found 4 phonebooks on the seat and it was all the way forward too. The radio was set to a station that doesn’t even exist. You tell ME who’s behind that! I think my IOS stuff is in on it as well.

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