Alexa Drop-in when there is motion?

So is there any way to make Alexa drop-in or call my phone when motion happens in armed mode?

I dont think that works with Echo but you could use IFTTT to get a call when motion is detected.

Thanks, but in Europe this isn’t available.

Have you tried the “VoIP Calls” Service. This may work? The IFTTT app says it works internationally.

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I have never used a VoIP maybe this will be a solution. About IFTTT, here says US Only on all phone applets


A (somewhat hacky) solution that’s been suggested for other situations is to create an Alexa routine which one Echo device speaks to trigger another Echo device - you could have motion trigger a routine which says “Alexa, drop in on to4kata’s phone”.


I have Google home also and I tried this already. It triggers Alexa, but I can’t make her to drop-in directly to my phone. I will need another Echo, but this will be too much :grinning:


Here we go. I’ve made some progress. I turned on Alexa guard on and when it hears a glass breaking effect it sends me a voice message and calls my phone :sweat_smile: Now I need to figure out how to force google home or chromecast to play glass breaking sounds when there is a motion in armed mode. I have web-cast-api installed does anybody know how to create custom sounds for it?

Also does anyone knows a way to make a routine - when Armed mode is on to active Alexa guard with the command “Alexa, turn on Guard mode”?