Alexa can Ask Google

I found this on FaceBook of all places tonight. It works great.

When you are creating the Lambda, you have to download the file to your computer, then upload into the lambda function, if not it doesn’t work.

Then, just say, Alexa, ask Google…

credit goes to the creator of the Skill…


Excellent find , works great cheers​:grinning::ok_hand:🖒

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Beautiful! Will install today.

… and there goes the major card that google had in its pocket for its own device. Of course there remains the “followup conversation” that you can’t have with the device, as well as Google’ s ability to handle command-line variables in its programming (among other things). But one can reasonably expect the latter will eventually find its way to Alexa.

I struggled to load the zip file into lambda as it kept telling me it was larger than 10mb so I uploaded to Amazon s3 and used this route instead.
Works fine in the UK as long as you remember to create the Alexa skill as UK language and use a European ARN.

Actually Alexa does do follow on conversation… Somewhat.

Thank you very much! Got it all set up with the provided link!

One deviation I had to do was for step 13…I selected to use “existing role” instead of creating a new one since in my case, “lambda_basic_execution” already exists (from my Ask Alexa install)


Got it installed. Pretty easy. And it works pretty well. Options are good :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s pretty sweet

It has a big limitation: it does not pass your location to google, so google cannot do some of its “good stuff” like telling you how long it would take to drive somewhere. Which Alexa refuses to do, citing its lack of knowledge of how fast you drive (alexa can only manage this with the single predetermined commute).

Anyone found a way to add location? I got this skill working but Alexa seems to better at most queries compared to “Alexa, ask Google…”. Ask Google did find some more obscure answers but it can’t do local weather and has trouble with sports too.