Alexa App Not finding new devices! But Echo does!

So my Echo Dot and Echo both find 75 devices, but my app only finds 11. It has all my favorites from my Harmony Hub in skills, but none of the Watch TV commands. It does have some of those that it has had since before I had the Harmony Hub. I just assumed they were a neighbors.

Any help on this extremely frustrating problem is much appreciated!!!

Try this on alexa app:

Alexa app>Smart home>Devices>scroll to bottom>hit forget all>finally hit discover

Alexa App is good but it also create some issues with devices. In your case I think you need to do restart your phone and check is it working or not? If no install alexa app again. Thanks.

Don’t worry just go Alexa App ->in setting select smart device ->your devices where you can see your devices. If your smart devices are Alexa compatible then you can use with Alexa. List of companies that are Alexa compatible you can check here