Alexa and V2 Hub

I have an Amazon Echo, Logitech Harmony Hub, and Smartthings V2 hub with the latest firmware (16.13). When I left for work this morning, Alexa politely turned off the kitchen lights as I left. When I arrived home tonight, I get “I could not find a device named in your profile.” Smarthings app works fine for controlling devices. Alexa still works with Harmony Hub and Nest thermostat.

I’ve now rebooted the V2 hub, the Echo and my WiFi router all to no avail. As a last ditch effort, I wiped all devices the Smart Home section of the Echo app and re-ran discover devices. None of the devices on the V2 hub show up. I’ve disabled and re-enabled the skill and given explicit device and routine permissions to Alexa. Still nothing.

Anyone else experiencing these issues? Have I missed anything?



Don’t know why it would matter, but are they on the same wifi network?

Well, the V2 is Ethernet to the router, and Alexa, Harmony and Nest are all on the same Wi-Fi.

I wonder if our issues are somehow related…? Alexa Connecting to Wrong Hub

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I experiencing the same issue. Alexa no longer recongizes some switches and routines. Just started happening yesterday afternoon.