Alexa and ultrasync

Now that we can use alexa and ultrasync does anyone know how to create a scene? It says that you can’t use it to arm or disarm but can use it to run scenes. How can I create a scene so I can arm and disarm using alexa. I also tried to control my thermostat with it but it didn’t do anything. There is just no information on either side as to how to get this to work. I did enable the skill with alexa and put in all the necessary information. I tried setting up a scene to arm away and finally when I asked alexa to turn on arm away she said OK but didn’t do it.

That looks like a hub made by a security alarm company.

This is a forum for users of the Samsung SmartThings hub.

Have you contacted the company that installed it to ask for tech support?

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Thanks I’ve been searching trying to find an answer and something came up for here so thought I would try. Our Alarm company is terrible to try to get answers out of. They never return phone calls. It’s always the technician will call back but he never does so it’s 3-4 calls just to find out something simple. Also I don’t have any faith they would know the answer either.

Assuming you have the self-contained hub, the instructions are in the user manual:

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That must be frustrating.

You may get lucky, in that many people here (like JD) are quite knowledgeable about home automation in general and may even have experience with hubs made by ST’s competitors.

Good luck!

We have a couple of community members who are using both SmartThings and Ultrasync, at least a standalone model which is a Z wave controller. I believe @llothos was even able to get a partial integration last year, although I don’t know how well that worked out in practice.

Let me know if someone finds out how to integrate the UltraSync system to Amazon Alexa. My daughter and son-in-law built a MI Home and MI installs the Ultrasync system by default for controlling z-wave door lock, Bryant HVAC and outside light control. From what I have read in the reference guide and looked through the web configuration screens, it pails in comparison to SmartThings for customization.

I though that there was limited integration to GH, but nothing is documented for Amazon Alexa.

We used to have a honeywell tuxedo system and I loved it! It was so easy to install new devices. When we moved this system was already in.

I know this is old and I haven’t logged in here in a while. For pairing I added the ultrasync as a secondary controller to smartthings, so my ultrasync see’s my zwave devices and I can do some automations based on when system is armed or not like adjusting my thermstat. I still primarily use my smartthings for all rules as it offers better control. At this point in time most of my lighting is Phillips hue (with a few lamp modules, one to control one lamp with 5 bulbs and the others as repeaters).so that doesn’t work with ultrasync unless I set up a rule that when one of my zwave devices turns on then turn on hue bulb. I did actually set that up for my living room as I had a extra Jasco lamp module that was acting more as a repeater then anything and I programmed the fire button on the ultrasync to turn on my living room lights and the police button to turn them back off and as I had a combination of zwave and philips hue I set the rule up in smartthings that when the one device is turned on/off to turn on/off the hue bulb. This made it easier for the kids and my wife to turn on/off the living room lights.

That was until I got my first echo dot which made the whole process a lot easier to just say “Alexa, turn on the living room” :slight_smile:

Im thinking about getting the ultrasync modular board with zwave module.

Are you able to see your ultrasync devices in smartthings?

I want to be able to connect my hardwired sensors and PIRs to the ultrasync modular board and use the zwave module to connect to my ST. So I can run activities based on a ultrasync indicator such as motion or a window/door contact sensor.

no I can’t see any of my security devices. the only integration is the zwave module and whatever zwave equipment you have.

Thanks good to know. But it does work in reverse? You can see all your ST devices within ultrasync to perform ultrasync routines?

yes if you add the ultrasync as secondary controller to smartthings then it will see each of your zwave devices. for example my ultrasync doesn’t see my Phillips hue bulbs as these are not zwave.

I have rules set up to turn my thermostat down when armed and turn it back up when disarmed, could also use locks to to say when armed lock doors but I don’t have any locks currently.

I mostly use my smartthings as it has a lot better configuration options and I decided to go with more Phillips hue stuff then zwave for lighting. switches and what not get quite expensive and even more so if the electrical wiring isn’t compatible. my front door would have cost me over $140 (CAD) to replace both switches (if wiring was compatible otherwise would need to rewire or look at other switches that could maybe compatible) to automate the inside and outside light but with hue it cost me about $50, I bought dimmer kit and extra bulb and used Android app “All 4 Hue” to program the top two buttons to control inside light and bottom two to control outside light individually. I have Auto presence set up so when I come home between sunset and sunrise it turns those two lights on and have a per allowance set up to automatically turn them off.


Can you tell me exactly how you enrolled your ultrasync as second hub.
I try it yesterday but can’t do the match.


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Same…how did you enroll Ultrasync to ST? I’m a security tech and I can’t figure it out. I know on the Zwave setup in Ultrasync there is an “include” button which puts the ultrasync into learning mode, but I can’t seems to get that to do anything.

If you want to set up you Ultrasync as a secondary controller, here are the steps.

  1. Download the CLASSIC SmartThings App and open
  2. Open your Ultrasync App
  3. Go back to the SmartThings Classic app and add a new thing.
  4. Switch over to your Ultrasync App and go to ZWave Add/Remove and click “Include”
  5. Go back to the SmartThings app and it should now find the ZWave Controller.
  6. Complete the setup steps in the ST app
  7. Return to the Ultrasync app and you should now see “Central Controller” in your device list with a bunch of generic devices.

When Ultrasync pulls it in, it will not have the custom descriptors from ST. Instead it will say something like “Light Dimmer Switch” or “On/Off Switch”

Hope this helps.