Alexa and the Mastermind skill

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with ST, but it was a much wanted skill for Alexa.

This is a beta skill for Alexa that does have a waiting list, but if you really want in you can pay to get in right away. I waited about 4 days before getting my invite and so far it works great!

Mastermind lets you access your phone’s notifications, send text messages and make phone calls via voice from your Amazon Echo. Mastermind also mirrors your phone’s notifications, text messages and phone calls to your TV and Computer.

Here’s the url

They say that Google Home integration is coming as well.

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I have been on the list for a while.

Thanks for sharing this! Couldn’t wait and got the access by paying the 15 bucks. It’s a well put together app. I have to figure out how they did it so we can add the functionality to EchoSistant. @bamarayne here is the solution for the external sms. These guys are using the authorized phone. Very cool!