Alexa and smartthings

Ok so I got my new smartthings starter kit today and all is good.
However I want to be able to say to my Amazon echo alexia bed time… And it turns all my smart device on.

I want to set up a few commands like the above I have no idea where to start I tried doing the simulated switch but the last part of the set up in hub name and location nothing shows up just a tick
When I go to create the switch it says it can’t be done…

Please help

You can just put all of your devices into an Alexa group called “bedtime” and then when you say “Alexa, turn on bedtime” all the devices in the group would go on at the same time.

The FAQ might help. Make sure you have followed all of the steps, including authorizing the individual devices to echo.

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Alexa doesn’t see the. Smartthings though I.e power outlet or motion sensor.

One of my lamps is plugged in via the outlet.

So I want all my hue lights to go out and the lamp to switch off…

I have a group in alexa but with no smartthing showing.

Thanks again

I’m sure you authorized smarthings in Alexa, selected all the devices you want Alexa to control in the Alexa app, discovered those devices on Alexa?

I’m sure all that’s in the post @JDRoberts left you. I didn’t read it myself.

Are you using the “Amazon Alexa” app? Under settings, click discover devices. It found my Smartthings and all the Cree lights I have. I created a group for all my lights to be controlled at once instead of one at a time.

Have you looked the askAlexa app? It might be just what your looking for. [RELEASE] Ask Alexa

Hi guys,

I’ve given access via alexa to my smart things.
In my smart thing app I have a group with everything I need.

However that group doesn’t show in alexa

And when I searcheh devices it only shows my hue lights not any of my smartrhings

Did you ‘discover’ them using the command “Alexa, discover devices”?

Alexa won’t find your groups or your routines in Smartthings (as far as I know), it will discover your individual devices. You will have to create the groups in the Amazon Alexa app.


My bad…you are correct…only individual objects (devices) will show up, but groups will not.

I don’t think there are any SmartThings groups now using the official smartthings features, are there?

There used to be with the V one version of the mobile app. And there are if you use custom code. But as far as what appears on your things list, I don’t know of any way to group them per se in the ST mobile app. ( you can create echo groups using the echo app, but that’s a separate issue.)

You can create the equivalent of a group using smart lighting to have one device follow another, but that’s not quite the same thing.

I’m not as smart as MOST everyone here is. This whole statement confuses me.

I don’t know about groups in smartthings?
Is Hue lights native to Alexa? I don’t have any.
What other smartthings devices are missing?

It’s hard for me or others to help without details. Or specific questions.

Can you control the devices in smartthings?
If yes to smart things control does your group thing work in there too?
Can you control anything from Alexa?
Have you made a group in Alexa for your lights?
Alexa “as far as I know” can only turn on and off specific devices either real or virtual.

Sorry if that was rude, just poking for more info to try and help.

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Alexa cannot see sensors. Only “switches” ( which includes lightbulbs, outlets, and in wall relays) and thermostats. So Alexa will be able to see your outlet, but only after you have authorized it to do so.

You will have to individually authorize each SmartThings-controlled device that you want Alexa to be able to see. If you look at step 10 in the set up FAQ, it shows you how to do this.

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I read your initial post again. This part makes me go Hmmmmm.

Your hub name should have been an option in these fields? Makes me wonder why it’s not? I’m only guessing but it can’t create the switch if it doesn’t know which hub to assign it with.

So is your smarthings hub actually working? Is it controlling your stuff? Do you have a location in your IDE when your logged in?

There is a direct echo/Phillips hue integration. From the description, my guess would be that the echo is set up to recognize the hue bridge using the Phillips integration and that part is working fine, which is why the hue bulbs showed up.

And that smartthings has not yet been authorized to echo, which is why none of those devices have shown up.

But again, if you just go through the FAQ step-by-step, everything should work. :sunglasses: With the understanding that echo can only see switches and thermostats. Not sensors.

Which makes sense, because Echo is really just a voice interface. When you ask echo to turn something on, echo doesn’t actually issue the on command to the light. Instead, it just passes on the request to the controller associated with that device. Since you can’t turn the sensor on, there’s no reason for echo to know about it.

Hi @bigdam,

Alexa can’t see your Groups (assuming you mean Rooms) in SmartThings. Create a Group in the Alexa app and put your switches/devices in there:

Once you do that, you can say “Alexa, turn on Outside Lights”, like in my case.

Also, just to be sure, you did install the Alexa SmartApp?

And you added all your devices you want to control through Alexa?

And you told Alexa to discover your devices and they showed up in the Alexa app/site?

Lastly, here’s more info on setting things up:

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