Alexa and SmartThings Presence Sensor Integration

I’m glad it’s working, but the fact that the action you were able to choose “Alexa Switch opens“ as the action means that has to have a type of “contact sensor“ in your Alexa app. Switches don’t have the ability to “open.“

In other words, the device in the screenshot in your most recent post is not the same as the device from the previous screenshot you showed.

Maybe you have two devices with the same name? Or maybe it has both types, I noticed you have a right arrow on the first screenshot and I don’t have one on mine.

And yes, it’s definitely true that if you have a time constraint the routine will not run outside of that time. :sunglasses:

The virtual device “Alexa Switch” was made with this device handler:

which I got from this forum:

In my ST device list online it shows it as both a switch and a contact sensor, but the device type is listed as the Simulated Alexa Switch, because that’s the title of the device handler that I used.

Either way, I think it should work now! I didn’t realize that the virtual device worked like a button, where you turn it on and it only fires once. I guess I thought it worked more like the mode functions (away, home, etc.) where as long as that virtual device was set to ‘open’ then the routine would be triggered between the time that I had it set for. Thank you for the help!! :slight_smile:

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or you could just use webcore and run everything from inside smartthings!
ok thats slightly more challenging if you have some things like ‘read the news’ but any devices can be controlled directly using webcore

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