ALEXA and Fireplace with WSK-MLT Multifunction Wall Switch

This is a repost because I put it in the wrong spot.
I new here so be gentle.
I have read so many posts on here but I still can figure what’s best for my type of system. Most posts are for wall switch or timer switch controls.
I have a gas fireplace switch that has many functions but I do not use any of them but the “flame on” button which puts flame on high by default and 2nd press of the button puts flame on low and a 3rd press turns unit off. This cycle just repeats as you push the button. My question is can I hook this type of switch to a smartthings hub to use with Alexa?
I have attached a photo of the pdf file of the wire diagram on how its wired. There are no accessories attached to this fireplace such as a fan or blower.

I am interested in working with you to add this functionality to the new version of Echosistant. If you could give me a couple of days to wrap up the new version, I’ll PM you to get more details.

That would be great. I appreciate the help
Thank you

Is this the correct switch that you recommended?
Aeon Labs Micro Smart Energy Switch (2nd Edition) - DSC18103

First thing is to check your local safety codes. In many places in the United States it is illegal to have a fireplace remote which can operate the fireplace out of sight. This is for safety reasons. It’s also the reason why most fireplace remotes sold nationally are limited to a range of about 25 feet.

Once you connect the gas fireplace to SmartThings you would automatically be in violation of this kind of code because you could be at your office 15 miles away, open the SmartThings mobile app, and turn on the gas fireplace.

You might not intend to ever use it that way, but just being able to use it that way would be a violation. If it is a code violation, it will also likely void your homeowners insurance.

So before doing anything else, check with your local township to see if it would be legal to automate this particular function where you live.

If you check the forums you will see occasional reports of garage doors opening by themselves or lights coming on when they hadn’t been scheduled to. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but the fact that it happens to some people means it’s a possibility you have to consider for every home automation scenario.

I myself don’t automate anything which wouldn’t be safe to run unattended for 24 hours.

Just something to consider…

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I didn’t even think of that. The unit is completely self contained behind glass as well. Its a chimney less type. I will call the town on Monday and ask them on the codes for a remote control for that type of fireplace. Being in NY too I’m sure the codes are strict.
Thank you for the heads up advice.


Thank you for the guiding me in a direction to further my smart collection. I find myself looking around the house saying to my self what can I make smart now LOL.

So I called the town, got the run around. They don’t even have a clue on what their own codes are. I spoke to the company that sold me the fireplace and they had all the codes I needed for Suffolk County. I also confirmed with the manufacturer there are safety measures in place. Long story short, the fireplace has an internal control to automatically shut off after 6 hours of operation as a safety feature. This is done because the switch that operates the unit currently if not a traditional toggle on/off like a light switch and also because of a remote control feature. So to make sure the fireplace if not left on or accidently triggered it will know to turn itself off after a specific amount of time is reached.
So from what I’m reading and from what the company tells me it leads me to believe we would be ok to use the smartthings to activate this just like as if it was a remote. I can also use an IFTTT to turn off in 4 hours just as an added safety feature.
Your thoughts??