Alexa - Ability to read temperature from Sensors

I have been searching the forums & can not find any way to have alexia read the temp from the sensors. Does anybody have an idea how to do this? Can a virtual sensor work? If so, how can i create one.

Who is Alexia?


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Outside of a thermostat, Alexa can NOT natively read the sensor status. You will need to install a custom skill to do that. Fortunately, I have one of those!

Give this a read:

It IS intimidating, but thousands have installed it and it works well. I am here to help if you run into issues.

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my bad…sorry.

Just lightening things up around here being the holidays and all. I thought maybe Alexa had a sister or cousin I didn’t know about :smile:

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ok thanks @MichaelS. I just took a look & will sit down this weekend & try & set it up. Thank you very much.

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