Alert me if switch left on for 1 hour?

Any suggestion on what is the best way to implement this check?

If switch A on for at least 1 hour, notify me but checking should be done only at hourly basis so I’ll not flooded with alert

I have a simular need for a contact sensor left open.

I just put this together, should work I think. Simular consept for your need.


Thanks for the tips, I didn’t know you can pause it and resume back the same piston!

Wait, I can’t find the option to pause piston?

Under action check off control location mode… You should see it there

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Thanks, able to find the pause and resume option now, I was on earlier version of CoRE.

But I can’t set the same piston as @Tolik - in piston 1, you can pause the same piston 1. I guess thats due to demo naming?