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Alert if door left unlocked after specific time?

(Steve) #1

I am looking for an app to notify me if I left my door unlocked after a certain time. I have searched but cant find anything. Can anyone help me with this?

(Ben) #2

You could do this with CoRE as long as your lock is Z-wave.


( this is a clickable link)

(JF) #6

Go here and sign up, there is a smartapp that does it

(DonW) #7

Within the Smartthings app this is under “Smart Home Monitor” on the main dashboard. Tap the words Smart Home Monitor, tap the gear in the upper right, choose a Custom type, New monitoring rule, choose Lock as a device type, select your lock, choose Lock unlocks, choose how long before notification, choose a limit of how many minutes before duplicate notices, tap next in upper right, chose your notification options. I use push notifications to the app only. Don’t forget to tap save in the upper right.