Alert for door left open

There is now a SmartApp under templates called Left It Open.

Where can I find these templates?

In the new SmartThings iOS app, I click the plus button in upper right, then select Add SmartApp.

A list is shown on the next screen, but there is nothing for “templates”.

I also have the legacy ST app, but I don’t see any templates there either…?

Log into your Smartthings account at Select My SmartApps at the top of the page. Then click on + New SmartApps. Click on the From Template option. You can scroll on the left to find this app. Hope this helps!

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You can also try SharpTools Rule Engine if you haven’t already. See below for the rule example based on your need, and you can even add additional actions/conditions if you need to. Ex: auto close the garage door after 1 minute as shown in the screenshot.


How can I find “Smart Home Monitor” in the Classic App? I don’t see it anywhere.

It’s not there anymore for new installs. You’ll have to use STHM in the new app, but that doesn’t have custom rules.

I ended up having to put together my own app to do this until ST can do it within there own app. The one I use the most that replicates being notified for something being left open, on, or unlocked too long is a parent/child smartapp: (you’ll want all of these)

Parent: (Save and Publish)

Left it On Child: (just Save)

Left it Open Child: (just Save)

Left it Unlocked Child: (just Save)

Left it Running Child: (just Save)

Thermostat Mode Monitor Child: (just Save)


Thank you!

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To add to John’s points, you can also check out this app which allows you to create simple rules like Left open too long (with repeat notifications and audio/spoken notifications over Alexa, Bose etc) or Left unlocked, left on etc. This works with both the new and the Classic app.

Does this smartapp work in the new ST app? I tried adding it via the IDE but it does not show up in the app.

Yes it does. If you’ve added it to My SmartApps and made sure to select Publish For Me, then in the new SmartThings App, hit the + from the main page, select SmartApp and it should be listed towards the bottom under the Custom section.

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Got it, thanks!

Do I need a device handler for the Left It Open smartapp?
It shows in My Smartapps
I can see it in Smartapps in the Smartthings app on my phone.
I can set it up for a door sensor.
But it will not send me notifications when the door is open.

@Jim418 , I modified the original left It open for use with several devices in the same app and works well.
don’t need dth for use It.

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Thanks very much. I managed to get it installed and working. Woo hoo!

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This is so awesome! But was wondering if it would be possible to trigger a device rather than send a text message? Like if a door is left open for 2 minutes, have it turn on a device?

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Thanks! What you want is pretty straight forward to do, and I have some time later today to work on this since a few folks have asked and SmartThings hasn’t delivered an out of the box solution yet.

I don’t want to put a lot of time into this since it should really be ST that makes something like this doable in their mobile app. To keep things simple I’m going to add the ability to include turning on a switch(es) along with sending a notification. It won’t turn off the selected switch(es), and you’ll still receive notifications

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Just replace your old CHILD code (Left It Open Child) with this one (Save but don’t need to Publish). Your existing child apps that use this will still work, and anything new or changed let’s you pick 1 or more switches to turn on.

Man, I need to turn on notifications for this forum. I didn’t even know you responded. Thank you so much!

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very nice. Thanks.

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Any way to integrate this app with Alexa (Alexa virtual switch) so that Alexa announces when a door has been left open for xx number of minutes.