Alcatel Raven LTE - $14.99

(Enis Hoca) #1

This is a Tracfone device -
Works fine on wifi without activation. I put it in airplane mode, removed the sim and put it on WiFi - Has a wonderful 5 inch bright IPS screen. works great for running smarttiles or dashboards.
I bought 4 and put them on the walls.


Awesome. Can it be forced into a kiosk mode?

(Glen King) #3

You don’t even need to do that if you use sharptools. Simply make/grab a widget for the thing you want to control.

I might pick up a handful. Run it dim until its camera picks up movement, then brighten, and have the widgets there waiting for anything needed in that room (or select other functions).

(Enis Hoca) #4

I had a hard time finding it in the store - the computer said they had 6 and they couldn’t find a single one. Turns out they were all on a standalone Tracfone display thingy. Keep that in mind when you go to the store

(Enis Hoca) #5

I use the “fully” kiosk browser and set the homepage to Settings for running in kiosk mode in the paid version

(Glen King) #6

I got three of ‘em.
First will be as a touch switch for my upstairs bathroom, outside the door. Will have both bulbs on a hue widget.