AlarmDecoder AD2Pi Network Appliance

Curious to hear peoples’ experience with the Raspberry Pi implementation of Nu Tech’s AlarmDecoder.

The current Smartthing App and device handler do the job of integrating it into SmartThings but there are definitely more features that would be great to see.

Has anyone made their own modifications that they’d like to share? @kevin_nutech, feel free to chime in with features you may already have on the drawing board.


I use it and have been pretty happy overall. I don’t do a lot with it yet. It’s nice to auto arm/disarm on arrival and departure with CORE. I did switch the sensors so open and close make sense from a usability standpoint not a coding standpoint.

Not really sure what else I would need out of it besides push instead of 1 min refreshes but even that I don’t mind.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I’m using CoRE also to synchronize SHM and the Alarm. I also switched the open and close. Looking forward to the push update also.

What do you use to determine arrival and departure? Garage door? Presence sensors? Just curious. I can’t yet reliably do that since I have 2 kids that may be home. Haven’t figured out a reliable way to make sure nobody is home. Perhaps a combo of cell phones (kids sometimes leave them home) and Nest presence detection.

I will probably start arming automatically at night and disarm in the morning.


Right now I just use our Iphones as presence devices as it’s just my wife and I (kids are 3 and 6). the only problem I run into is if we have a babysitter or something with the kids and we both leave the house will keep trying to arm itself. I usually just disable the piston as soon as I remmeber. I am sure I could litter motion sensors all over but that’s likely more pain than it’s worth.

I definitely enjoy the arm and night and disarm in the morning. I have some logic built in so depending on mode and other criteria it arms at a certain time or waits until all become true and arms later. Works 99% of the time and just a few ST hiccups but usually no issues. It’s nice as we aren’t great at remembering to do it.

The other thing I have been meaning to do is alert based on windows/doors open and rain is coming or if it fails to arm because we have a window open and we leave etc.

Overall it’s been quite smooth and easy and plays very nice with ST.

If there are features you want, feel free to mail a list of wants to our support queue (best way to reach one of us) or contribute yourself as it is open source

Only thing on our current roadmap for smartthings is removing update delay and fixing bugs.

Roadmap for alarmdecoder itself I can’t disclose except a new webapp update is coming soon with a bunch of fixes and new features and new responsive templates across the board.

New features include but not limited to: notification delay timer, notification scheduling, support for TwiML in notifications, general bugfixes, support for some stuf behind the scenes with new alarmdecoder firmware, more panel support etc…

Thanks for the update, Kevin. I know SmartThings integration is just a very small part of what you guys do with AlarmDecoder. What you’ve already provided is very functional. I look forward to community contributions as well as your planned updates.


I added it as well and changed the handlers for open/close states. But for some really odd reason, the smartapp thinks my alarm is in “FIRE” state - I have no idea why. My panel shows normally that it’s disarmed so I don’t know where this “FIRE” alert/state is coming from

Does the web app or AD2Pi device see a fire alert? Or just Smartthings? You might have introduced a bug in to the smartapp or device handler when you changed the open/close state.

I’ve never seen this fire alert anywhere else, to my recollection. I actually saw the “fire” state even prior to making the changes to the open/close states.

I would like to be able to do an arm stay instant/night

How do we update the web app?

Yea how are you dealing with the babaysitter thing?

For now I just remember to disable the piston or when I get the text that the house has armed I quickly go fix it.

Right now it’s not a major issue as the situation doesn’t happen often - will revisit it differently when it becomes a pain.

Maybe something simple as a virtual switch I can flip or tell alexa to turn on when we leave - still manual but not sure anyway around that.

In the device_type.groovy line 364 change
keys = "${user_code}3"
keys = “${user_code}7”

this will go from stay to instant.

I have a switch that is also a presence sensor in ide. Then I have core reset the state to away at 00:00 everyday

Thank you sir. Any word on the standalone zwave device?

No, do not expect anything in the near future if at all

Bummer. Thanks.

Also how is the web app updated?

When there is an update available, the WebUI will have a notification in it that you click to initiate a software update

Hi, I have ad2pi network appliance up and running and has integrated with smartthings. I really like the way it worked so far, that I can set and unset alarm from samrthings app. However, I felt like something is missing. Besides the status of Alarm (whether it is armed or disarmed) do we get any thing else? My zones are all shown in red circle and does not change the status when I open or close the doors. Zone activity status would be really helpful. And wondering if I get any notifications when any zone is compromised? Does it notifies you when there is an alarm or breach of any zones ? Also curious, besides setting arm and disarm (manually or automatically through automation) what other features should I expect to work ?
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