Alarm system for House - which one do you prefer


What kind of house alarm system are you using in your house?

I want to:-

  • Have voice notifications when I open certain doors in my house (I have Sonos + Smartthings)
  • Police be called if I am not able to respond
  • Ability to use ST sensors on doors and windows.


For voice notifications use the Big Talker smart app; works very well and is compatible with Sonos…

Other than the built-in Smart Home Monitor, there are ways to get third party alarm systems such as ADT working with SmartThings. I’m sure others will chime in on that.


Thanks alot.

So ADT can work with ST? As in on the same sensors and we don’t have to add ADT sensors on top of it?

I believe so, but I think it requires a bit of work to get most of those third party systems working. Of course, you could always look into getting central monitoring through Scout which was built to work with the Smart Home Monitor. Again, I use it without central monitoring so I really can’t give you the best answers on alarm systems.

Thanks a lot.

Anyone else may be could assist here, who have used ST with security systems?

I am using it with AT&T Digital Life. Had to build my own integration though :wink:

The AlarmDecoder Network Appliance has a SmartThings integration and connects with most Honeywell and DSC alarm systems. for details.

Thanks guys.

What according to your infinite wisdom is the best way to go about it? Should I opt for ADT or should I opt for any other system that you think would work for me?

What do you think of Scout Alarm?