Alarm On Specific (Current) State, Rather Than Change Of State

Is there any way to trigger an alarm based on the current state of a Thing instead of triggering an alarm based on the change in state? Specifically, I would like to receive an alarm if any of the exterior doors or the garage door is open when I go into Night mode. The only routines - or SmartApps - that I’ve found only allow alarming based on a change in state (e.g. from closed to open), rather than on at the current actual state of the device.

This can likely be done with CoRE. CORE is a very sophisticated community-created rules engine.

You can see examples of “Pistons” (the rules in Core) in the peer assistance thread. The folks there can also tell you whether any specific use case is possible in Core.

Search for custom SmartApp “Is My Home Secure” (I think from user tslagle13?) - it does what you want. I have it installed in my setup … any time our system changes to a mode I specify (away, night) it will check all open/close sensors I specify, locks, etc. and make sure they’re all ok. If everything is as it should be, it sends an alert saying so … and if not … it’ll alert you about that.

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Sounds perfect. I’m a pretty much total newbie, but I’ll look for the “Is My Home Secure” SmartApp and see if I can get it set up.

I believe I muddled my way through installing the “Is My Home Secure” SmartApp properly and it shows up in my Mobile App as a SmartApp under “My Apps” but it isn’t working properly. I have attempted to configure it (several times now) through the Mobile App and it accepts all the entries and shows “Successfully added Is My Home Secure” when I press Done, but it does not work (I tested it by changing modes) and when I return to examine the App, all of the entries are blank and it prompts me to reenter all the settings.

“Is my Home Secure” is a very old smartapp, I don’t know if it still works. The author, who was a very active community member at the time that it was written, joined the official SmartThings staff about a year ago and now uses the staff handle @slagle so hopefully he will know more.

It does work. I tried it just couple of months ago, with minor modifications to suit my needs.

It’s a very simple app that should still be working.


I’ve had in installed since it’s inception, still works for me!

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Thanks for the feedback. Not sure what happened but it’s working now. The configuration parameters are as I set them and I received a notification when I left that the “Home is secure”. Will continue to monitor of course.

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