Alarm on old DSC Alarm System

(Darryl) #1

Hey everyone,

I am currently evaluating having a siren in the house, but realized yesterday that my house has a pre-wired alarm for an old DSC system from ADT. It appears to be a 2 wire, and its hidden in a closet currently. Has anyone re-wired one of these to work instead of buying a separate Siren? Is it worth it?

Most of my old ADT system has been ripped out, as it was old, the sensors were all broken (and were not wired), etc.


(Geko) #2

You sure can. Sirens just need 12V DC. Any 12V power brick pluged into a Z-wave switch (non-dimmable) will do the trick.

(Darryl) #3

Yeah, that’s what I am seeing. Just think that the siren at the same cost, makes more sense…


(Geko) #4

True, but Z-wave sirens are indoors only and you could have multiple horns wired to one switch. Just some ideas… :smile:

(Darryl) #5

Thanks :smile:

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