Alarm/notification soundig for scheduled autolock

(Aaron) #1

I have my frontdoor automatically lock at 9pm every night. I don’t have a notification set, yet every night we get a notification that it is locking. Why? I have push notification set to no and not number for text. I’m stumped…


Did you ever set up a SmartApp for that door lock that did notify you? What SmartApp are you using to autolock? If you did have a SmartApp notify you, and then deleted it, please check the IDE (My Locations -> Installed SmartApps) to make sure it’s still not really there.

If you did enable notification through whatever app you’re using, and then turned notification off, perhaps something with the app isn’t right. You might want to contact the developer (even if it’s SmartThings own app) for more help, or even uninstall it and start over again.

(Andrea Bianco) #3

And did you double back and check in the “dashboard” portion that you do not have any notifications set there as well? under the custom portion/ monitoring rule?

(Aaron) #4

this is a new set up (We just got the lock last week). So, I have never had it set to notify me. We are using Smarttings app - SmartApps. I have started a help desk ticket with Smartthings. I’ll see what they have to say…