Alarm Monitoring & Audible Alerts?

I’m using smart things for a security system (among other things). I was curious if there was a way to audibly hear what sensor was tripped. So in the middle of the night if someone breaks in I know where the intrusion was. (“Intrusion Back Door” or “Motion Basement”) I was thinking nest smoke detector since it already does that for fires. Is this possible or is there another way I can accomplish this?

By default the answer is no.
However; there are ways to get your house to ‘talk’ to you and announce things like open contacts or motion detected.
1st thing you need is one or more compatible speakers.
Then an app to make them talk.

There are expensive Sonos type speakers or you can use cheaper wifi speakers and use something like this to make them talk:

Then you could use a smartapp called big talker to speak on certain events:

or use webcore:

Or if you want something a little simpler;

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A good inexpensive speaker that I use for this purpose is the Fabriq speaker. It supports DLNA and works well for TTS using the Generic Media Renderer linked to above. I use webCore to send voice events to it, but the Message Central smartapp referred to looks pretty flexible/powerful if you want to stick w/just using a smartapp.

The Fabriq frequently goes on sale for $30-$40, unfortunately is not on sale right now.

There is also the option of using an Android device (OS 5.1 or better) and installing an app on it called LANnouncer. This will give you other options such as chime, siren, LED flashing, MP3 sound, and TTS.

It’s a little daunting to try to figure out all the steps to install it so I’ve summarized it here. It does require some understanding of how to add custom device handlers, smart apps, etc.

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Will an Alexa work as the audiable output ?

No, not as of yet. Amazon would have to allow that option for echo devices. However, you can connect to an Echo device via Bluetooth and use it as a “dumb” speaker from and Android device.

There is a 3rd-party Alexa compatible device with built-in DNLA that could be used as a audible output.