Alarm dialler, anyway to integrate?

I have a burglar alarm, standard wired, nothing fancy, but have a telephone dialler attached to it to ring me if goes off.

Is there any integration I could use somehow either via IFTTT or ST or anything? Things I’m thinking are if alarm goes off between 12am-6am then switch on lights etc?

Anyway possible? any ideas of integration? I’m in UK

Does it ring only one number?

Does it have its own unique number that shows up on caller ID when it calls you?

Do you have an iPhone, an android phone, or?


It was set up by the installer. It rings my mobile first, then if I haven’t acknowledged, rings wife, then sister.

It’s my home number it rings as uses telephone socket.

I use iPhone.

Nothing? Would love to get it integrated into ST in case goes off, even just as a warning in ST. If not I’ll just have to rely on the dialler to call me