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I am relatively new to SmartThings, but I have setup some basic security at my home using SmartThings Multisensors, Aeotec Recessed Door Sensors and an Aeotec Siren. It works great using the built in SmartThings Home Security. Anytime my alarm is armed and a sensor opens, the siren goes off and some lights come on. Great. But painful to have to always have my phone to arm/disarm it. i.e. dogs wake me up and want to go out, but by the time I get to the door, I realize it’s armed and have to go back to the bedroom and get my phone to disarm it.

Is anyone aware of any Traditional alarm type control panels that could be wired in to the wall where an existing alarm used to be (such as ADT) and then we can associate a pin code to arm/disarm the SmartThings Security app?

Thanks and I hope I’m posting this in the right place. I’m a developer and love all this new tech and looking for a place to brainstorm ideas and improve this technology.


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There’s a Centralite keypad which is popular. It’s sold under multiple brand names, including Lowes iris, Xfinity, and Centralite.

The reviews tend to be bad on the Iris site because when Lowes upgraded to their second generation hub, they forced people to upgrade to a different model of the keypad and it didn’t have all the same features as the first one and people got pretty mad about it.

But if you’re just buying the second generation keypad to work with SmartThings, most community members are satisfied with it.

Note that only the second generation one will work with SmartThings.

It’s often on sale at Lowe’s for about $29 if you want to wait for a sale.

You will need community – created code to make it work. There are a couple of different versions that people have created. You can find these on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. Look in the device type handler section on the “security” list.

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward. Basically you are going to copy the author’s code and paste it into your account. The following FAQ explains that process. :sunglasses:

There is also a smaller Benext zwave pin pad which has been sold in Europe for a couple of years but only recently became available in the US under the Zipato name. Make sure you get the US frequency if you have a US hub.

Again, you would need custom code to make it work with SmartThings, and again you can find it on the same quick browse list. It’s fine if the code is from a European community member, the same device type handler will work regardless of the frequency of the device.

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This is the sort of thing you are after, though not sure where you are in the world…

EDIT: @JDRoberts beat me to it with a much better response when i hadnt refreshed the page! :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is one of the BIGGEST weaknesses and annoyances of using SmartThings for security. Should just work SIMPLY like the typical ADT, Ademco, Honeywell, wireless systems sold widely today. i.e. simple KEYPAD control WITH EXIT and ENTRY delay, remote control keyfob, siren, door sensors, motion sensor, battey backup (which you can install anyways) and at least cellular communication OUT via USB when internet down. And yes to ALL work LOCALLY when internet down.
(Some these things can be had with custom device handlers… but they then not local)(always one thing or another?) : \

But from reading, this all DREAMING apparently and may NEVER happen…and if so…gradually to the point of continual frustration.

Yes, we know Samsung isn’t officially marketing this as a fully operating security system…but compared to whats is out there and similar, they really should as it is CLOSE ENOUGH to being a great security system along with the many great features of SmartThings itself.

More needs to be done in making SmartThings also a FULLY functioning security system… even the cheapie ones on ebay that are wireless, but no-internet interaction do all of this.

The next best things are Abode, Scout, Home8, Simplisafe etc etc… but they either have no monitoring fees or do.

What’s REALLY pitiful is some of those alarm systems fulfill your needs or don’t… then SmartThings is sooooo widely supported by the community and with so many options for devices etc, it’s just seemed a no-brainer UNTIL to find out Samsung drags their feet for whatever reason to PROPERLY implement FULL security how MOST of us SIMPLY need and desire.


ST has an official integration with Scout to provide 24/7 central monitoring. It costs 20 bucks a month.

It’s not a great idea to use ST as a security system for all the reasons you mention. But they are marketing it that way.


Best to use a security system that integrates with SmartThings. You can then use all of the sensors that the alarm system uses into SmartThings for other automation purposes. YMMV


Agree with @rontalley - SmartThings isn’t and may never be 100% reliable, plus will need upgrades on a much shorter lifespan than a quality alarm (due to technology change and the fact that a lot is done in the cloud). Hence an alarm system which integrates well into ST is a good option.

I integrated my Visonic Powermax alarm into ST and the integration is amazing (if I do say so myself), it allows me to use a normal alarm system but with full monitoring and use of the sensors/status/… as I need it. If you are interested then this is my integration link, but otherwise I do suggest finding something similar.

Thanks. I’m more interested in the finding the right hardware to make this work. I can write the code myself.

Long story short, traditional solutions like ADT are in my experience no better. I had ADT installed in December 2016. They came to my house 8 times and could never get their system to work more than 48 hours. False alarm 30 minutes after they left the first time. After their second visit, I came home and the unit was dead. It died 4 more times after they replaced the battery that supposedly lasts 8 years.

I had to send letters to their legal dept to get my money back and out of contract even though the system didn’t work. Now I’m left taking down all of their little sensors that I was originally charged about $40 a pop for.

I never had an alarm before so something based off of ST is a step up from that as well as ADT. Does anyone know about the Honeywell panels like this?

Maybe ?AlarmDecoder AD2Pi Network Appliance - #77 by raidflex


This might work?

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I’m using the xfinity 3400 centralite keypad and it works great, I’m using it with ethayers lock manager smartapp, just hopefully he can make some adjustments to it so that when the keypad is entered into alarm mode, you get a delay to leave. the possibilities are endless with this community

Open your alarm wiring panel and there should be a sticker on the back of the door with the make and model of your alarm panel. If it still works then you may be able to integrate it with ST, just search the community with the make and model as there are many threads on this type of integration. If you have wired sensors some community members are removing them from the alarm controller and hooking them up to a raspberry pit or Arduino and integrating those devices with ST. Again several threads on this integration as well.

Has anyone seen this device before?

Apparently in Europe it’s sold/branded by Yale as well. I don’t like the Iris keypad so it’s kinda frustrating with the lack of more realistic looking security system keypads.

That looks nice. I ended up going with the Honeywell Lyric Touchscreen with existing wiring I had on most of my doors and windows and some additional sensors from Honeywell. I haven’t tried it yet, but other users said they’ve set up their Lyric to expose any sensors the Honeywell has to SmartThings and then you can use those as if they were paired with the ST hub. Again, haven’t tried it, so not sure how well it works. But I would recommend the Lyric as an alarm system. It’s really nice.

I’m just starting to look into alarm system integration myself.
I have an old GE Networx NX alarm system (8 hard-wired zones, 2 keypads with displays, and phone line reporting).
That box does have 4 auxillary outputs which I could likely use to drive signals to SmartThings, but the only way to use the existing sensors for smartthings usage would be to piggy-back the existing wiring into a sensor board (something like the ‘Konnected’ board by @heythisisnate). I’m also not sure (yet) how to reprogram the Networx system to actually trigger the aux outputs (the interface for this thing is hideous).

I am considering looking at using an alternative, and would ideally like something that can re-use the existing wired sensors, but also use additional wireless sensors (even if that’s via a separate smartthings device with outputs wired to the alarm system inputs).
I’d also like to be able to set/clear the alarm remotely, in addition to a physical keypad (and would like to have zone indications on that keypad), and monitor remotely also.

Any recommendations for a suitable system, even if it takes a fair bit of external integration, would be welcome (I’m a software engineer with an electronics background, so no concerns with getting my hands dirty with the system, I just want a slightly less primitive starting point than the GE Networx box)

I agree. My existing keypads are DSC keypads. I wish there was just a Z-wave enabled DSC keypad that I could simply purchase, replace one my existing DSC keypads with that one, and I’m good.

Can still use keypad as I traditionally would, and since it’s z-wave enabled, automate it to where if I leave it arms via the keypad. Since all keypads obtain the zone readings when zones are triggered (e.g. Upstairs window is open, all keypads show the same zone being opened), I would imagine it’s not hard for a z-wave keypad to report back to smartthings hub what zone was opened.

Just waiting for someone to make stuff like this…

I ended up developing a device/code to interface with my existing Interlogix/GE Networx alarm system and allow me to connect that to SmartThings/Alexa.
It’s working nicely, and allows me to access all the zones of the existing alarm system via SmartThings, as well as the alarm state (unarmed/home/away/alarm) via SmartThings and use them for automations (e.g. trigger action based on the existing alarm system motion sensor, or based on the alarm being set or tripped), in addition to allowing me to arm the house alarm via SmartThings or voice control with Alexa.

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Care to share what you did? I have Interlogix and I am also looking to interface with my SmartThings. Thanks for any help you can offer.

I posted some more info here, in this thread: -

I’m prep’ing documentation for use of my kit (using the embedded software I wrote on a device, and a custom device-handler to interface the alarm panel to SmartThings via a wifi device)