Building 36 Thermostats No longer controllable

I have two thermostats installed under my SmartThings V3 hub. They were working perfectly until a month or two ago when the IOS app was upgraded. Handler being used is from GitHub repository. 2020 version by Eric Maycock. I think handler updated automatically. Both thermostats show as present. Current temp is shown and history of temp and humidity is accessible. When trying to access controls, temp flashes on app for less than a second followed by cloud with a slash through it. I have completely rebooted and reinstalled the hub, factory rebooted both thermostats, excluded them and reinstalled them, but still have the same problem. Under IDE only one hub with correct location is shown. I tried generic z wave thermostat handler but still no control access. Samsung said they won’t offer support since this is not an official Samsung thermostat. Any ideas? Thanks