and Smart Things

If you can’t get this to work, don’t forget that you have to select your location in the “My Locations” tab before you update the groovy code in the “My SmartApps” tab.

Please forgive my ignorance. Trying to make work through ST. I saw your fix and was able to find the commented out parts in the code. However I cannot figure out how to edit the way the commands are executed. Could you please explain to me how to edit the code accordingly.

Hellos guys, I need some help. I have installed the SmartApp and the Handler and I can’t see the buttons all ON when I click on any of then i get the following message in the logs:
java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 67 (refresh)
What am I missing?
Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, I am having an issue after i add the smart app and device handler. It is publishing with no issues and i can see it under my apps but when i click on it to install it only ask me for a password for my account and it does not ask for a user name. If i put my password and proceed i get a message that something went wrong and to please try to install the smart app again. what am I doing wrong!!
thank you for any help.

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I am having the same issue. It appears to be an issue with the “new” Smartthings app. The old legacy app displays the user name field above the password field as expected. Looks like the app code needs an update for compatibility with the newer ST app.

Has there been a fix to the Username field not appearing the SmartApp? I can only add the password for

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Same problem here. I’m getting this in my logs: java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 58 (runCommand)

I like most was having the same issue with the “java” issue. I used the modified code mentioned earlier and now the switches work for arming/disarming the system. I have noticed that if I arm system from the panel the switches don’t update in ST unless I manually refresh. Anyone have any thoughts?

I cant get to work it accepts my login i see the switch and all but it wont arm or disarm my system help pls

@schwark Thank you so much for creating this. Just to be clear, before I start trying to truly understand the sensor Hacks people have been posting, this is a one way conversation with There is no automating from actions taken at the panel? (ie: set Arm Stay at panel, switch in ST changes, allowing for doors to be locked)

Thank you!

That is correct - mostly. There is a refresh timeframe you can set which effectively polls server state. It I encourage you to not make it too small as they are likely to ban you.

Thank you for such a quick response and for the advice. I will have to figure something out before migrating all my zwave from my security panel to ST. The crossover switch method looks do able but pricey.

Thank you again,

@schwark is the refresh timeframe adjustable in the code?

Do I need to remove my original Smartapp and devices to install your modified code? I have 2 locations, I’ve been using the original code for a couple years no problems, but at my new location, I see that it logs in, but the commands do t change the panel.

I got a call from FrontPoint asking me to stop. I told them if they would develop a SmartThings or HomeKit integration I would stop. They said that I could continue using it since they had no plans to develop either.

Any luck with this? I am looking for a way to see my sensors installed in in ST.

I just installed this. The switches were created, but they don’t do anything. They show as ON always, and don’t change the state of my alarm on What might be wrong?

I’m experiencing the exact same issue. I tried uninstalling, selecting my location as mentioned above, then reinstalling… No luck :frowning: Does this work with the updated smartthings app?

I’m having issues too. This has worked great for me for last couple of years, and just stopped working. I tried reinstalling it, but no luck… Does this app still work for anyone?