ADC-Sem210 Integration

Has anyone been able to connect the Sem 210 to the Samsung Smart things? The Sem210 is supposed to be z-wave plus. I can’t figure out how to make the two talk.

UPDATE: I got the SmartThings to add to the SEM210 by going to the IDE -> My Hubs -> View Utilities -> Join/Leave Another Z-wave Network. Then I pressed and held the Z-wave button on the Sem210. So now I see the Sem on the SmartThings and I see the SmartThings on the Sem, but the SEM did not pick up the devices loaded into the SmartThings. Not sure what to do now.

UPDATE 2: So now none of the devices in SmartThings work. I think I need all the devices in the Sem first. Then if I do this, they will all propagate to the Smartthings.