Alarm and security with SmartThings

I’m researching diy home Security and automation. I’ve become more interested in SmartThings as it seems a great platform to use home automation with integrated security features.

My question is based on the security aspect of using SmartThings. If I add sensors and a siren, is there a way to delay the siren and turn the system “off”? I’m trying to compare to other systems that have a beeping noise for a limited amount of time allow you to enter a code on a keypad or turn the system off using an app - much like an old school security system. Also, if we wanted our parents to be able to arm and disarm the system without using a smartphone, is there a simple way for them to do that upon entering an armed house? Any input, information, or additional thoughts on this would be welcomed and appreciated!!

Yes, search this site for SmartAlarm.

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Everybody has their own peace of mind requirements when it comes to home security.

I personally have three requirements for any system that will be expected to monitor a potential life-and-death situation, like fire.

  1. it has to work when the Internet is down

  2. it has to be professionally monitored

  3. it has to communicate with the monitoring center via cellular, not Internet, and it has to be able to do so even if the mains power is off.

Smartthings in its current version meets none of these requirements, so I don’t use it for that kind of security monitoring. I pay separately for a different system.

On the other hand, there are people who cannot stand the idea of paying a monthly service fee, and that’s so important to them that they will either go with a system that doesn’t work when the Internet is down or they will buy back up generators and back up cellular modems and all kinds of stuff just to avoid paying that monthly fee.

For others, having a single integrated control center is the most important thing. Personally I don’t mind having one app for home automation and one for security, I think of them separately.

It’s not a matter of one strategy being better than another, but one may be better for a particular person based on their individual preferences.

As far as pin codes and all that, SmartAlarm is one of the most popular community member-created programs. It utilizes zone logic to operate SmartThings. You’ll find information about it in the Community Created Smart Apps section of the forum, as well as many people who can discuss how they’ve set it up.

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