Airtouch Roome lamp

Has anyone successfully connected an Airtouch Roome Lamp to their smartthings network?

It’s instructions say 3x knocks will put it in “pairing mode” but despite having tried that nothing appears as an available new device in the Smartthings app.

It is successfully attached to the local Wifi Lan and I can control it with it’s own Roome app, but I’d like to fully integrate it into the house.

Specs say it is Zigbee compatible…

Looks kinda interesting.
My preference would be for it to be touch-controlled. I don’t like lights that come on automatically, as they tend to wake people who might have dozed off. The only place I want a motion-triggered light is in my basement, or in the garage when it’s dark out.

But I love touchlamps. They are a terrific concept. Touch it to turn it on, touch it to achieve one of three volumes of light, touch it to turn it off. You can buy a plugin module that turns any metal lamp into a touch lamp. Have that also be voice-controllable, and you’d have something.

Yeah I’m not totally convinced on the “automatic” part yet. You configure your usual sleep and wake up times and it is meant to learn the actual pattern. Too soon to tell how well that works, I surely don’t have exact times each day. But you can turn that off

I’ve been using gestures to turn it on or off, and to change the light level. But being able to do so via smartthings would also be useful

Zigbee protocol can use different profiles, and ST may not support all of them. Do you have more details?

Sadly I have no useful information…an english spec sheet says it supports Zigbee and any other information I can find is in other languages, but also looks brief.

I guess i’ll stick to waving my hands above it :slight_smile: