Aircon Control works on Samsung Galaxy, but not on Pixel 3 XL

I have two phones with the same version of the SmartThings App installed (1.7.17-25), both connected to the same Samsung account. One phone is Samsung Galaxy S8, the other one is Pixel 3 XL.

On both phones I can see the overview of my Samsung Aircons on the dashboard and I can click on the image of the power button on the aircons to turn them on and off. It works fine on both phones.

However, when I click on each aircon name to open the detailed control, the Samsung phone loads the controls fine, while the Pixel phone spins for quite some time and then shows a connection error.

Any idea what might be causing this difference in behavior between the phones?

Here is the properly loaded control of the same Aircon on the Samsung phone

And here is the overview dashboard, that works well on both phones

Have you tried using the classic app?

Hmm, for some reason I can not get the Classic App to work at all.

All good now! The appnhas been updated to 1.7-19.25, and everything works on both phones!