Airbnk M510 Zigbee Door lock

Hello all!

I recently bought an Airbnk M510 smart lock running on Zigbee protocol.
I like its minimal design and that I could just replace the deadbolt butterfly knob with the smart lock and that’s that. Also, it’s the cheapest I could find.

I can connect it to smartthings but it’s recognised as a thing. I tried several device handlers that Smartthings had to offer and added some device handlers I found searching around. So far I haven’t gotten things to work.
I can only use it with the Airbnk app via bluetooth.

Has anyone figured this thing out?

Airbnk M510 Zigbee Door lock
Product link: Airbnk M510 TUYA Smart Lock Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Deadbolt US Locks Smart Home Remote Control Wifi Wireless Lock Network|Electric Lock| - AliExpress