Air conditioner switch capability

Hello everyone,

I’m making a python application that can command on some devices integrated in smartthings environment. I have a little doubt … one capability of the air conditioner (I don’t have a physical appliance to test it yet) is the switch capability. With this one, it is possible to control on-off some devices (I tried with Philips Hue Bulbe and it worked fine). My question is … if I turn off the air conditioner, it will remain reachable from the network? is it possible to “weak up” the air conditioner by sending “on” command through switching pabability?


Thank you for your help

Hello @c.tondi,
The device wouldn’t be reachable if it is disconnected from the energy supply or the network, it is not working properly, etc. So, you can use the Switch capability to make the air conditioner start/stop its function.
If this answers your question, can you please mark it as solved? If not, let me know what’s going on and I can dig in further.

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Hi @nayelyz
I don’t have any samsung air conditioner yet to test it but your answer is what I was looking for. So I will sign like solved.

Thank you so much for your help.


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