After registering "There was an error, please try again" in App

My Smartthings hub arrived today. So excited. Plugged it in, set up an account.

Select “I’m a SmartThings user”, enter email address, then press continue…

“There was an error, please try again.”

ARGHH SAMSUNG you suck. Anyone else having trouble with signing in on the iOS app!

That is exciting! Welcome aboard! New smartthings users chose a samsung account when logging in.

Ok apparently I’m an idiot. It asked me if I was new to SmartThings, and I said yes, so it prompted me to setup an account. After setting up the account, confirming the email, etc, it put me back to the same screen, asking me if I was new to SmartThings. I said “no”, because now I’ve got an account etc, and I already said “yes” last time. Then, it gave me the endless cryptic error message.

Apparently, the correct thing to do is to say “I’m new to SmartThings” twice. You have to say it twice, once to setup your account, and then again, to, I dunno, setup your account again? Anyway, I’m in. Sorry for the rant, thanks for reading.


Glad you got it sorted! Now the fun begins!

I already have my and rachio sprinkler integrated in. Copying and pasting code was a lot easier than registering an account. Someday the world’s going to invent a new pattern for registration that doesn’t involve a round trip through the inbox.

Amen to that, without cookies either while we’re saving the future.