After migrating to the new SmartThings app, lights in my bedroom turn on at 8:01 am everyday

Hi everyone,

I have been using SmartThings since 2017, and after migrating to the new app, my master bedroom lights all turn on at 8:01 am every day. Right now my only idea is to turn on the logging tonight and hopefully catch it. From the event logs that are stored by default, the only hint I have is “Master Light switch is on” and not much else. I checked Alexa and I do not see anything in there from what I can tell that might have triggered it. I check my Smart Lighting app, and there’s no entry for turning on these lights.

Open tHe device and check if you set a timer. Also check any automations. Do you use webCoRE?

You can disable the device in the Alexa app before you go to sleep and see if it happens again. If it does, it’s definitely not Alexa.