AerQ Sensor not running Locally

I previously used a custom DTH to run AerQ sensors in the Cloud. Aeotec recently had their driver added to ST directly as a Zwave Mold Detector. I removed the devices, and removed the custom DTH. I then repaired the sensor and it found the new Zwave Mold Detector driver. However, it still shows execution as Cloud. Shouldn’t all ST included Zwave drivers be Local?

I’m afraid not.

Groovy DTHs run in the cloud. However the capability related bits of some handlers have been implemented natively in the hub firmware so devices using those will run locally when it really matters. You can identify those from additional metadata that appears in the DTH. Zwave Mold Detector isn’t one of them.

Work is currently going on to recreate the stock handlers as Edge Drivers which will run locally so local execution will come, but I don’t think that particular one has been done yet.