Aerotec Sounds

How do you configure Aerotec Siren so that opening a sliding glass door creates the sound of one chime but opening garage doors uses a different chime.

It seems that I can pick the endpoint and I get eight options One is a chime the next one is a tamper alarm the next one is a siren but I am looking to use a different sounding chimes to make a different chime sound depending on which doors open just can’t figure it out

You can set up the various sounds under settings

First choose the component, then choose the volume, the choose the sound. Then you have to flick the send sound configuration button to save it.

Do that for each component. And then you can assign them in your routines

Thanks so much.

I picked the endpoint one (the Default)
And I did figure out that you need to send the configuration but my problem is I can’t figure out how to change sounds 2-8. Sound 1 is the chime and the light flashes. This is what I want but what is I want another sound of the garage doors open. I can’t change them. They are all siren sounds.

It ses like you get 8 different end points but each one is “locked” so sounds 1-8 can’t be changed which just seems wrong.

Isn’t there a way for me to pick my own eight sounds for each one of the chimes instead of having them locked to whatever endpoint I am using. ?

Thanks so much for your help.

Anyone know how to use several different chimes with the siren. For example if you open the back door it makes a simple chime and if you open a garage door it makes a different chime. I stated in my original message I don’t seem to be able to do this and it’s something that I think should be relatively easy.