Aeotech Multisensor 6 (gen 5 zwave plus, model ZW100-A)

will give it a shot and provide a feedback. thanks a lot sir!

Does anyone know if this device triggers an event upon switching from the external USB power to the battery (and possibly back)?
I’m considering it for power outage detection (as suggested for ST motion detectors in a few other threads here), but without this notification, I’ll kinda miss the point.
Any cues?

I’m thinking of buying the multi sensor and am curious if.most people have had success with it working. Reviews are short & seem a hit or.miss.

Hey guys 2 queations…I have the sensor paired & am using through the new app & not classic. I.notice there is a slight delay & am.not sure is this normal & would.the.custom device handler work in the new app?

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