Aeotec wallmotequad

Hi all, I recently purchased a wallmote quad and have been unable to get it to work properly with my aeotec hub and smartthings. It shows up and is connected buy only 3 buttons are able to be controlled and only 2 types of controls are available for each button. I am fairly new to this stuff so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong. I have reset it a few times and deleted and reconnected it. Still no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit the device in the IDE and double-check to ensure the “Type” is Aeotec Wallmote.


Thanks for the reply! Upon checking it does say that it is a aeotec wallmote. I reached out to aeotec supportt and they confirmed that they are seeing the same issue currently, at least for some of their employees.

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