Aeotec Wallmode Quad (ZW-130) and the edge driver

So I have a few of the Aeotec drivers installed, including the Wallmote Quad:

I have a Quad in one of my rooms that carried over with the transition to edge, and it’s worked perfectly. I recently bought another to use in another room, and I cannot get it installed with the edge driver.

Here’s what happens, every time:

  1. start the scan on smartthings
  2. hit the Quad’s action button once
  3. the two do their dance
  4. The Quad installs as a generic Z-Wave device
  5. delete, rinse, repeat.

Nothing I do can break that mold. I cannot change the Z-Wave device to the Quad driver, and I cannot get ST to recognize it as a AeoTec Quad…

Has anyone cracked this nut?

Did you already check to make sure there aren’t any old DTH left hanging around on the IDE? Those old handlers need to be deleted or they may cause detection and inclusion issues.

Add Perform a z-wave exclusion.

If still fails, check fingerprint of device and make sure it is included in the edge driver.

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That Edge driver is specifically made for the ZW130, from the Aeotec Group channel.

Sounds like the device is not registering properly and the fingerprint is all zeros or there is some difference in the fingerprint of the new device vs the old. I’d check the fingerprint of the old devices and compare to the new device using the API Browser+ from @TAustin.

Yep - the fingerprint matches, and it is the ZW130.

I never tried a z-wave exclusion, though, @jkp - let me give that a shot next

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@jkp just added the “exclude” to the dance. No joy. (Although it did show up this time as a “z-wave multichannel switch” instead of just a “z-wave device.”)

Think it’s worth it to unenroll in the Aeotec edge channel then re-enroll? I’m kinda at a dead end here.

OK, that did it.

I unenrolled in the Aeotec channel for the Quadmote. Re enrolled, and then did a clean scan for a new device and it popped right up.