Aeotec ST as Zigbee Hub for Google Home

Hello, I’m currently planing my future smart home and I would like to use SmartThings where possible, but unfortunatelly for some device types I didn’t find anything supported by ST that I would like (mostly doorbell and cameras) so I’m thinking about using Google Home as the main app and use Aeotec ST Hub for connection of Zigbee devices.
When I add the ST Hub to Google Home, it probably automatically adds all devices from ST to Google Home, right?
But is it possible to add (Zigbee) device to Google Home app using a connected ST Hub if that device is NOT supported by SmartThings? (of course I suppose that the device has a Google Home connectivity)

So for example - I have a device XYZ, which supports Zigbee and should be compatible with Google Home. However, device XYZ is not compatible with ST - can’t be added in ST app.
Now if I add Aeotec ST Hub to Google Home, will it be possible to add device XYZ in Google Home app?

We would need to know the specific brand and model number of the device. Quite a few Zigbee devices use what is called “manufacturer proprietary“ code, and are challenging to make work with smartthings. And some, like the “friends of hue“ batteryfree devices use a Zigbee profile which is not supported by smartthings.

Anyway, all Zigbee devices need a hub, so I’m confused about the whole concept of a Zigbee Device which would work with Google home but not with smartthings. Google home doesn’t have a Zigbee Hub Inside it. There are some Amazon echo devices which do have a Zigbee hub inside, but they use the same profiles that smartthings does so I don’t think there are any zigbee devices that would work direct ly with Amazon and not work with smartthings.

So again, if you can give us a couple of specific model examples, we can say more about what you’re trying to accomplish.

It sounds like you might be talking about something which works with its own hub, and that hub has a Google home integration, again, some of the hue compatible devices would fall into this group. But the device on its own doesn’t have a Google Home Integration, so it doesn’t quite fit the description you gave. :thinking:

Not quite, no. SmartThings has an abstraction layer that presents devices in terms of the capabilities they have (e.g. switch, motion sensing) and allows pretty much arbitrary combinations. Google also has an abstraction layer but it tends to focus on the equivalent of single capabilities and is more restricted. Only devices that Google understands are added. So you won’t get motion sensors or presence sensors, but you will get contact and temperature/humidity sensors. If a SmartThings device combines a contact sensor and a switch, Google is likely to treat it as one of the other but not both, or not add it at all.

I’m not sure that I understand this bit. A Zigbee device can only be paired to one hub/controller at a time. Pairing to SmartThings has a good chance of succeeding, but that does not mean that SmartThings knows how to use the device. Google will only see the device as whatever SmartThings thinks it is, it will not know that it is a Zigbee device.

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Thanks for the replies, you helped me to to understand it a bit more. Let me try to give you some examples of devices I came accross:

  1. This EGLO ceiling light has a Zigbee support and should work with Google Home (and Alexa as well). But I believe it’s not supported by SmartThings (at least I didn’t find any mention about Eglo anywhere). Interestingly, I think that Eglo doesn’t have their own Hub, so if they should work with Google Home, they need to use some 3rd party Hub (they actually have a guide for connecting with Google Home, but I don’t find it very helpful).
    So that’s why I was thinking if it could be possible to add the Aeotec ST Hub to Google Home and through it add this Eglo light in Google Home directly, even though it can’t be added in SmartThings app.

  2. Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 - this Zigbee wall switch should be supported in Google Home, but from what I found, it may not be possible to add in SmartThings. So again, would it be possible to connect it to Google Home through connected ST Hub?
    This case is of course a little different than the first one, because Aqara have their own hub. But if I would use devices of more brands, each with their own Hub… I would prefer to use just ST Hub if it would be possible